Is Sugar Toxic?

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I recently watched a 60 Minutes Episode titled, “Is Sugar Toxic?” While I have always thought this to be true and my research has led me to conclude this fact, this news clip is outstanding. What I thought most thought provoking was the research that Dr. Kimber Stanhope was doing @ UC Davis. She has created a controlled environment with teenagers and the results are amazing and conclusive! Please take the time to watch this clip, it is less than 13 minutes long.

A calorie is not just a calorie. High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) and sugar can be dangerous. They have no nutrient value for your body. With sugar, you must try to limit your intake. With HFCS, try to avoid at all cost. Your body does not recognize this man-made substance (HFCS) and processes it differently. It has been linked to an increase in triglyceride levels and overall harm to your health. HFCS is found in most refined and highly processed foods like: soda, syrups, breakfast bars, jellies/jams, canned soup/fruits, and frozen foods.

Sugar is linked to obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Research has shown that sugar can actually feed tumors in certain kinds of cancer.

Dr. Robert Lustig, a Pediatric Endocrinologist from UC San Francisco has co-authored a report for the American Heart Association recommending a significant decrease in the amount of calories from sugar consumed. For men, the recommendation is no more than 150 calories/ day : for women, the recommendation is no more than 100 calories/day. That is less than what is found in one can of soda! One can….. Sugar does have an addictive quality, like a drug.

Why does eating have to be so complicated? It does not have to be….eat whole foods and you can’t go wrong! Put good things in your body and your body will reward you with good health, energy, and a clear mind.

A calorie of sugar is different. Be aware. I know I am a crazy fanatical nutrition nut, but I just want you to be informed. Once you see the research, you can make an educated decision on your own. My goal is to share the information, to educate you, and hope that you take something from this blog. For myself, I have cut out most processed and refined foods. I do treat myself to ice cream or a pastry on special occasions. But everyday sugar consumption has been drastically reduced in my household. Of course, I do have a teenage son who drives…..

Please, please take the time to watch the video- let me know what you think! Be well, love and respect yourself and enjoy every moment of your life!

Is Sugar Toxic?

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