Speaking our Truth

Walk Towards Your Fears

Today, I had an awesome “kick asana” class with Becca. It was challenging, tons of fun, and inspirational! We played for 2.5 hours! We discussed our vulnerabilities in class and how scary it is to tell the truth. Becca asked, “Why is it so hard to tell the truth?” We all sat there pondering that question and I know each of us reflected upon our own lives. Can you answer that question? We are raised in a society where we are taught to put others ahead of ourselves. While this is a noble and honorable quest, the ramifications of this way of living can eventually cause a life of self-denial. A life lived to please others can slowly extinguish your own light. Our ability to love ourselves is compromised. There are instances when we do need to put others needs above ourselves and this is a part of life. To constantly live from this space is a detriment to you and ultimately to all those in your life. Your life becomes someone elses and your truth is buried somewhere under their expectations and dreams.

When we have played and maintained a certain role for sometime, being true to yourself, following your heart, and speaking your truth is probably one of the most difficult tasks you face in life.

There is quote that goes, “when you follow your heart, you are loving yourself and will be able to love others more deeply.” I really believe this quote holds true. When you live from your heart, you are so open and full of love that every being you encounter will be showered with your joy and energy. People will notice that you are different. You will radiate an internal flame of love and compassion. Speaking your truth is liberating and brings you in touch with your authentic self.

I believe we all would like to live authentic lives. It is not easy, friends… to tell the truth, but try it. Most people in your life will appreciate your intention. Some will not. Speaking and hearing the truth can destroy your current reality. Face your fear and walk into it. People will admire you for your courage. More importantly, this authentic life you are embarking on will set you on a path of self-discovery.

Baron Baptiste, a yoga master and teacher, talks about the “flow of the universe.” The basic premise goes like this: When you open your heart to your truth and more importantly speak your truth, the universe recognizes this courage and energy. Opportunities and encounters will seem like coincidences. Synchronicity in your life is anything but chance. Begin your journey and you will know when it feels right.
Telling the truth is out of your comfort zone. But getting out of that comfort zone is paramount to growth and change. As my friend Annie always says, “Get out of your comfort zone! That is where the magic happens!” Do you believe in magic? Say Yes!

Follow your heart my dear friends ~ it will not steer you wrong. These may be challenging and scary times, but I know you are capable and I believe that you are ready…..

Have faith, trust yourself more, and know that you can live a joy-filled and an extraordinary life… it’s waiting for you!



About Cathy Poral Sheldon

mother, healthy living & fitness advocate, nurse, yoga instructor, lover of life, eternal student and friend to all
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