Following your Heart

Follow Your Heart!Always follow your heart…                             everything else will come

I recently had some wonderful conversation with a dear college friend, who is in the middle of making some big decisions in her life. Basically, trying to decide to move forward in a current relationship or not.  She has been in this exclusive relationship for several years and describes it as, “great and stable.” Yet, she has not wanted to take the next step. To me, a hesitation like that speaks to the heart. There is a reason and she must confront that and accept that maybe moving forward is not so wise, at this time. Sometimes choosing with the heart is the road less traveled, but in the end, that decision is really the best one for you.

If she searches deep and looks at the situation long enough, I think the answer will be apparent to her. If she is honest with herself, she will see that her heart has been speaking.  This friend is a beautiful soul who has so much to share and offer to so many people; I send her love, energy and positive thoughts to help her on her journey. A journey of self-discovery awaits her!

I love to watch little children play; there is no hesitation, no sensors, – just joyful bliss! Children also listen to their hearts. They tell it like it is and feel it like it is! They scream, they cry, they laugh out loud and speak the truth. Those emotions come from the heart.  As we become adults, we stop listening to our hearts and stop playing. Our minds begin to take over and we lose sight of those basic instincts. Playing and listening to our hearts will bring more joy and happiness to our lives.

I challenge you to start listening to your heart again. Maybe starting out with little decisions, and then moving on to bigger more important decisions in your life. When you choose with your heart, life does not seem so complicated.

Begin to take the time to play every day! Play with your romantic partner, your co-workers, your children, and any one you might come in contact with!



About Cathy Poral Sheldon

mother, healthy living & fitness advocate, nurse, yoga instructor, lover of life, eternal student and friend to all
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