Hello again! A few months ago, I mentioned a concept called 85/15. This concept helps people begin to monitor how they eat based on good foods compared to “naughty” foods. My sister convinced me to change the concept to 80/20 and I took her advice! Please read over this concept and let me know what you think. I really do use this every day to help me monitor my eating. It’s easy to understand and implement.

80/20 – How Can I Eat Healthy & Find Balance in My Diet?

Attempting to eat healthy is not an easy task. In fact, people can become easily discouraged when they feel they have failed in their attempts to live a healthier lifestyle.

Try adopting the 80/20 Rule. How does this work? This concept is actually a very easy and manageable way to eat healthy most days! Imagine most of your food coming from nourishing sources. Foods like whole organic fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, organic grass-fed beef and poultry-seaweed, healthy oils and wild caught fish are healthy choices.

When you eat mostly nourishing foods 80% of the day, your body will allow you to eat about 15% non-nourishing foods. Nourishing foods contain important vitamins, minerals and enzymes that your body needs to function and stay healthy. Your body will maintain itself when you are properly nourished.

When you do not eat nourishing foods most of the time, your body will start to pull nutrients from your own reserves. Depleting your body of nutrients by eating processed and refined products triggers your internal mechanisms to capture nutrients from within. Your body will take nutrients from your blood, tissues, organs, muscles and finally your bones. Staying healthy and having a strong immune system will be compromised at best.

Your body will be able to compensate for quite a while. But, as you get older, the more nutrient deficient you are the more your body will gather nutrients from your own reserves. Chronic degenerative conditions start to manifest with health related issues and problems.

Eating nourishing foods will provided you with nutrients for a strong healthy body that is ready to fight colds, flus and other diseases that might threaten your health. Your body will be armed with an arsenal of vitamins, minerals and enzymes to promote health and prevent disease. Nourishing foods are an important part of healthy living.

When you nourish your body 80% of the time, your body can handle 20% of non-nourishing foods. This 20% allows you to have that “treat” without feeling like you have failed in your attempt to eat healthier. Your body will be able to handle that transgression without compromising your overall health!

Nourishing foods are whole organic foods. Food that is as close to nature as possible. Eat foods free of pesticides, antibiotics and non-genetically modified organisms. Animal proteins from grass fed sources and wild seafood are ideal choices. Organic eggs and dairy products, raw nuts, seeds, whole grains and beans are whole foods.  Locally grown foods and animal proteins are available in your area. Take the time to find them!

Non-nourishing foods include all fast foods, fried foods, packaged foods, pastries, cookies and cake products- most commercial baked goods. Foods full of preservatives, added food coloring and flavoring as well as artificial sweeteners qualify as non-nourishing.

Most days, your nourishing to non-nourishing ration should be 80/20. Shoot for that number every day! There will be days that are 90/10 and you feel great those days. Other days may be 75/25 because of stress and/or travel. That is OK because the next day is another day to try again! Your body will continue to nourish and energize you when you eat well 80% of the time.

As you increase your intake of nourishing foods, you will begin to appreciate the goodness of whole foods. The crunchy sweet taste of an apple will have a whole different flavor. Food is to be celebrated, appreciated, and valued as an avenue to a healthier life.

Eating well, exercising, getting fresh air and sunshine can provide you with a health insurance policy that is “Priceless”!

About Cathy Poral Sheldon

mother, healthy living & fitness advocate, nurse, yoga instructor, lover of life, eternal student and friend to all
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